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Private Swim Lessons

Sky Fitness offers specifically designed one on one swim lessons for our members and non-members. The Sky swim program will get you or your child accustomed to the water in a pleasant and encouraging manner. Our team will analyze the new swimmers skill level and use a systematic approach for steady progress. Our private lessons will have you or your child gain confidence in just a few sessions!

Water safety is always a top priority so contact us today for a free consultation.

Sky Fitness Chicago - Swim Lessons - Individual Lessons

Private Lessons

Private Duet 30-minutes
$30per student
  • Ideal for two families!
Private Duet 60-minutes
$49per student
  • Ideal for two families!

Client Praise

After retirement, I decided to get into a swimming routine for exercise.  In the past, I always had shoulder problems when I swam for longer distances.  I signed up for six (6) lessons with Sky. My instructor was absolutely fantastic, teaching me torso rotation techniques, improved swimming posture and alternative breathing rhythms. She was great at demonstrating and encouraging and easy to work with. She’s made a lasting contribution to my workout routine. I saw her teaching a variety of swimmers – children, teenagers, and seniors like me. She is patient with a great personality. I highly recommend the Sky swimming instructors.

Marty Singer

Buffalo Grove

I took swim lessons at Sky and the instructor made it fun and made suggestions to improve my skills. She helped me to be more confident with my swimming. Thanks so much!

Lisa Kim

Buffalo Grove

I highly recommend the Sky swim instructors. I am in my 50s. I was a beginning swimmer when I started with them. I could swim a bit, but did not feel comfortable putting my head in the water. I had to be taught all of the basics, including proper breathing. My friend and I took semi-private lessons twice a week for several months. I found my instructor to be energetic and patient. She provided clear instructions. She went over few concepts each session that was manageable for me to work on each week. I am glad I took the lessons. I really enjoy swimming now. My friend and I have continued to swim twice a week, working on lap swimming for fitness and stamina building. The facility is also clean and the staff very welcoming.


Buffalo Grove

Find Out More

Contact Sky Swim Manager Sean Wimer at (847) 419-7162 or send an email inquiry for more information about our unique swim lessons program.