Marisa Sattley

Agni Hot Yoga Instructor


Marisa started working in the fitness industry back in 2002.  Prior to teaching fitness classes and Yoga , Marisa studied and received a BA in Management (of the Arts ) at Columbia College  in Chicago. She also danced all 4 years at the college level and earning a minor-in dance. Shortly after graduating , she started work at a Chicago based cosmetic company , H2O Plus. She flourished in sales and management becoming the #1 sales associate in the United States while moving the store she managed to the top spot within the company. After years of sales and management she was persuaded to go into Real Estate. She started as an associate in 1996 and received the honor of being titled, “Rookie of the Year for Chicago.” , an award presented by the Multiple Listing Service.  She was soon to be promoted to Head of Relocation and then to Director of Training. She has trained hundreds of agents and has a multitude of accomplishments in the Chicagoland Real Estate market including being recognized over 25 times at the National and Local level for production and quality service. Being in a high profile and high stress industry , she has contributed her success to being able to still practice her passions through dance, fitness and yoga.  Always an avid lover of movement, dance and fitness , she put her enjoyment to use by getting certified in a Fusion —Yoga/Pilates class  as well as dance fitness classes and has received her 200 Hour Yoga certification.  Highly intuitive she likes to create  calm space for participants so they can have the opportunity to have a complete mind – body experience.  Marisa believes, “When the mind is calm and free the body can innately move. Being calm is the gateway to being disciplined,  aligned and ultimately finding peace internally and balance throughout. “

She has been very fortunate to be able to merge her life with the yoga/fitness industry.  Besides Real Estate and teaching classes she is integrated and dedicated to her family life , married for over 20 years and a Mom of 3 to Kaitlin , Nathan and Scarlett.