Sky Yoga School 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training

200-HR Training and Yoga Practice Immersion

March 4th, 2018 – June 17th, 2018

Learn. Grow. Evolve.

Experience Sky Yoga School’s 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training as a way to give back to yourself. Whether you are looking to grow your practice or aspire to teach, Sky Yoga Teacher Training will immerse you into an in-depth understanding of the different components of yoga, and develop you into a skillful and successful yogi and teacher. This training gives you the opportunity to discover a path that is true to you through the exposure of the many layers and styles of yoga. Learn through our comprehensive curriculum, which entails traditional belief systems and yoga philosophy with contemporary approaches. Evolve your mind and body as you dive into the techniques of yoga asana, meditation, and pranayama. This experience and our team of instructors will guide you on this transformative journey to create a deeper connection with your mind, body, and spirit – manifesting strength, growth, and evolution within.

Sky Yoga Chicago - Yoga Teacher Training - Stacey Adamczyk Seated Pose
Class Sessions: 

Sundays: 12:00 — 8:30 pm (includes meal break).
Wednesdays & Thursdays: 5:00 — 9:00 pm.
Days off: March 28th and 29th for Spring Break week/Easter week, Easter Day (4/1), Mother’s Day (5/13), and Memorial Day weekend (5/27).

Sky Yoga School is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance

Sky Yoga Teacher Training School - Registered Yoga School (RYS) with Yoga Alliance

Sky Yoga Teacher Training Team

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Sky Fitness Chicago - Avani Yoga Instructor - Mary Aulbach

Mary Aulbach

Course Curriculum

  • Exploration of Yoga Styles – Discover your True Path
  • Asanas: Alignment, Technique, and Methodology
  • Qualities of a Yoga Teacher, Lifestyle, and Ethics
  • Use of Props, Adjustments, and Modifications
  • Introduction to Chanting and Mantra
  • Building a Class and Sequencing
  • Chakras, Nadis, and Bandhas
  • Yoga History and Philosophy
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Business of Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Practicum
  • Pranayama

Course Tuition

Deposit of $195 applied to tuition (must receive upon completed application).

Cost paid in full

Payment plan option

$1,000.00 by 3/4
$750.00 by 4/8
$750.00 by 5/2

Includes full access to Sky Fitness for the duration of the training. Everyone must submit full payment by the halfway point (5/2).

Additional Requirements:

Students must attend 4 classes at Sky Yoga outside of the training to experience different styles of teaching and yoga. Students will be asked to write up a brief analysis and evaluation for each class.


We recommend that all students have at least 6 months of yoga experience (at home practice and/or studio class practice). This training is designed for anyone who would like to become a yoga teacher, as well as those who want to deepen their practice. A commitment and desire to learn the study of yoga is key to enjoying the benefits of this training and personal transformation!

Congrats to our Fall 2017 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training Graduates!

Sky Yoga Chicago - Yoga Teacher Training - 2017 Graduates


“I am feeling just so blessed to have found the Sky Yoga School 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training. One of the many things that I loved about Sky Yoga School was that our class size made a more intimate setting where no one felt like just another name. We all grew close, shared stories, our lives, and it became like a family. I personally was looking for a deeper experience than just the physical practice and this training did just that. We covered all the yogic philosophies, multitude of differing practices, aerial, chanting, kirtan, kundalini, meditation, energy healing, Qi gong, and so much more. We were guided and taught by a diverse group of instructors who are all just so magical and it is really just a well-rounded and thorough training. This training was a complete physical, mental, and spiritual immersion that helped me grow as a person, deepen my practice, and I’m now confident and excited to be able to share this with others.”


“Sky Fitness is the perfect location to learn the life of Yoga. The studios are beautiful and the facility is amazing. The trainers are diverse and knowledgeable in many facets of the practice of Yoga. I received a well-rounded education that has made me a better instructor and has taken my own personal practice to a new level.”

Marisa Sattley

“In August 2017 I met a delightful energetic beautiful young woman who has amazing flexibility softness in her yoga, but yet has the intelligence of someone my age. Yes I am totally blown away but I respect this young lady and I respect her ability to create build and balance yoga program for a very types of personalities and fitness levels. I know it takes a lot of effort and determination but she complicated what you set out to do. When you have a teacher and her creative team of Mary and Tabatha to support students to learn and Grow, success can only be the end result. And when Stacy and her team believe in each and every one of us and then Her students creativity levels shoot to the moon nothing will stop them. Her patience soft words encouragement can only elevate all of us 2017 graduates to the highest limb in Ashtanga Yoga. I know we have all met our divine inspiration. That’s what’s in my heart that’s what I see that’s what I feel that’s what I believe.”


“There are so many yoga teacher training options out there that it can seem overwhelming and daunting. How do I know which school is right for me? I can say with certainty that Sky Yoga School was absolutely the best choice. Stacey, Tabatha, and Mary worked with each and every one of us step-by-step to make sure we not only have the tools we need to teach yoga as a physical practice, but as a lifestyle. They have given me a confidence in myself that I never could have imagined having before starting this training, and have helped me realize where my true passion and fire lies- in teaching! Investing in this teacher training was the greatest gift I could have given myself, and I will literally sing Sky Yoga’s praises from the rooftops. They are paving the way for future yoga teachers, and I am so blessed to have been along for the journey. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!”


“Sky yoga school felt more like a retreat then a school! What a great place to learn about yoga. Sky yoga has an exceptional facility, beautiful building with state of the art equipment. The teachers are just overflowing with various skills, knowledge and creativity to teach you. Overall life changing experience and I loved every minute of it!!! Highly encourage anyone who wants to teach yoga or just to deepen their practice to just go for it!”


“I’m integrating what I learned into my daily practice. I want to send my gratitude to you and all my teachers for your dedication, grace and kindness. Your dream of opening a yoga school is helping all of us, you’re living your truth. Thank you.”

Sky Yoga Chicago - Yoga Teacher Training - Stacey Adamczyk Reverse Warrior
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