Self Defense Classes & Workshop

Sky Fitness Presents

Self Defense Classes and Workshops

with Dr. Joseph Orgel & Mrs. Kait Orgel


Orgel’s class emphasizes that students quickly acquire effective and practical self-defense skills and personal empowerment.

Beginning students are given a foundation in self-defense that incorporates forms the student can build on if they wish to progress to the advanced disciplines that Orgel also teaches (Hapkido, Wudang Tai Chi Chen and Yang form Tai Chi).

Classes will encompass multiple modes of hand to hand combat: blows, arm locks, throws and floor work, plus arm locks, throws and floor work. This should enable anyone trained through this class to have the confidence in their abilities, to quietly extradite themselves from harm without having to fight.

Week 1: Manage your fear and escape
Week 2: Establish confidence and turn the tide
Week 3: Keeping your inner calm in a squeeze
Week 4: Defuse the situation with confidence

Self Defense Workshop

Escape And Turn The Tables
with Dr. Joseph Orgel & Mrs. Kait Orgel

Saturday September 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:30pm

This important workshop will concentrate on countering attacks involving grabs, attempts to drag you to where you don’t want to go, chokes and strangling upright and on the floor.