Avani Yoga Studio

Avani Yoga Classes are FREE to Sky Fitness Members

Bring harmony and balance into your life through the ancient practice of yoga. Avani instructors make yoga accessible and challenging for students of all levels of age, skill or fitness.

Classical yoga poses & breathing techniques to enhance flexibility, build strength and balance, & reduce stress. Special attention paid to alignment to promote healing & build body awareness.

This class is for everyone! Participants will move more mindfully with your breath in supported sitting (and standing) positions. It will increase flexibility, strength, balance & circulation. Encourages body awareness, proper breathing and quiet reflection.

Serious athletes, people with limited mobility, & everyone in between can benefit from this class. Careful strengthening and breath awareness is the focus of these classes. We will modify to accommodate all levels & props are used to both support & challenge students.

A yoga practice inspired by Kundalini Yoga designed to give you great energy all day.

Iyengar yoga is known for its attention to detail and precise focus on body alignment. It is pioneered the use of props to make the practice more accessible for all people. This is designed to cultivate strength, flexibility, stability and awareness and can be therapeutic.

In each of us dwells a powerful Creative Energy – It typically lies dormant. Kundalini yoga is a practice for awakening this energy. As it is ignited, it can support us in living to our full Creative Potential. Learning how to allow this energy to flow through us (and into our lives) can guide us in so many ways!

A 40 minute lite therapeutic vinyasa practice designed to enhance the rest of your day! (in Agni Yoga Studio/not Hot Yoga)

Identify and release stress in the body, balance your emotions and calm your mind while cultivating positive qualities of energy.

This NEW combination class will offer you some Restorative Yoga, some Yin Yoga, and Meditation. A wonderful experience guaranteed. All you need is an open heart. No experience necessary. All Levels welcome.

Links breath and movement through Sun Salutations and postures of all types. The smooth continuous flow deepens breathing, increases endurance and will test the edge of your balance & flexibility letting you feel clear, fit, and peaceful.

A heart-centered style which powerfully blends principles of alignment with an uplifting philosophy celebrating the uniqueness of students of all levels of ability and experience.

A perfect compliment to Yang practices. Some standing poses introduced mid-class, most poses are seated, supine, or prone and held with muscles relaxed for several minutes. This allows the more dense connective tissue to be addressed, increasing mobility, joint health & overall wellness.

Adds Hatha Yoga with some Yin poses.

Emphasis on careful alignment, breath/body awareness and gentle dynamic flow. The use of props are encouraged, and modifications given allow Every Body feeling both relaxed and renewed.

Class Level Descriptions

Students of all levels and abilities can participate and enjoy these classes.

Focuses on basic classical yoga postures, alignment principles and breathing techniques. Newcomers to yoga should start here. Level 1 is also recommended for those who may wish to strengthen the foundation of there practice or who may simply want an ongoing practice that is in harmony with their level of ability.

Emphasis on deepening awareness of the body, and understanding of alignment principles. Should be able to perform Sun Salutation series. Movements between postures are more fluid. Knowledge of the basic poses is assumed, with posture variations and breathing practices to help you deepen your experience.

A challenging class for those with and ongoing yoga practice. The room may be heated. We will explore more challenging postures including inversions, arm balances, back bends and deeper twists. Participants should already have a good understanding of proper bodily alignment and familiarity of modifications. No beginners please.

Weekly Avani Yoga Classes

Avani Yoga Instructors

Brenda Shinn

Rachel Castellanos

Sky Fitness Chicago - Avani Yoga Instructor - Mary Aulbach

Mary Aulbach

Sky Fitness Chicago - Avani Yoga Instructor - Natasha Barykin

Natasha Barykin

Laura Casey

Tasha Polster


Nanci Dobkin

Ilyce Randell

Non-Member Rates

$25per class

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