Group Exercise Classes

Sky Fitness Diverse Group Exercise Offerings

We understand that having choices is the very best way to stay fresh. The opportunity & ability to change up your workouts keeps your muscles guessing and that’s healthy. Our group exercise classes include MoveStrong Functional Training, Mossa Body Training Systems, Reformer Pilates, and much more.

MoveStrong Functional Training

Functional training allows an individual to utilize their mechanics in a natural, productive manner.

MOSSA Body Training Systems

Sky Fitness Center is proud to offer group exercise programs from Body Training Systems!

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a state of the art studio offering private and semi-private instruction in a soothing environment.

Even More Group Exercise Classes

Ball Conditioning

Emphasizes core stability along with strength conditioning for the entire body. A stability ball and various weights are the primary tools.

Sky Fitness Chicago - Ball Conditioning

Cardio Boxing HIIT

High Intensity Interval Training that will take you to the bags, to the ground, and all around. Very challenging and VERY FUN!

Sky Fitness Chicago - Classes - Cardio Boxing HIIT

Light & Low

Take it at your own pace in this energizing low-impact workout designed to improve the cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance of the mature adult.

Sky Fitness Chicago - Light and Low

Pilates Plus

This core-strengthening workout focuses on control of your trunk and abdominals. Specific movements are taught on the mat to improve your posture and strengthen your “powerhouse”.

Sky Fitness Chicago - Pilates Plus

Tabata & Core Training

Intense class for all levels designed to get the whole body involved using body weight and dumbbells. Be prepared to be challenged!

Sky Fitness Chicago - Tabata and Core Training

Total Strength

A complete workout for your muscles covering basic weight training with the benefit of balance and core work followed with a relaxing stretch.

Sky Fitness Chicago - Total Strength

Trim & Tone

Interval class with low-impact aerobics and weights to significantly improve your cardio & muscular endurance while burning calories. Followed by a balance and stretch segment for your core.

Sky Fitness Chicago - Trim & Tone


“Ditch the workout, join the party” for an hour of hypnotic Latin dance rhythms and easy to follow dance moves!

Sky Fitness Chicago - Zumba