“Sky Fitness is the perfect location to learn the life of Yoga. The studios are beautiful and the facility is amazing. The trainers are diverse and knowledgeable in many facets of the practice of Yoga. I received a well-rounded education that has made me a better instructor and has taken my own personal practice to a new level.”

Marisa Sattley

5 STARS! So happy I found Sky Fitness. They have something for every fitness level and will help you achieve your goals too. The MoveStrong Functional Fitness classes are awesome because the trainers really know their stuff. I started back in November, and I have been able to try at least 9 different classes. I have been impressed with the trainers in each one. From yoga to boot camp, these trainers are knowledgeable, friendly, caring, and really seem to enjoy what they do. They also have some of the best toys/equipment to get your sweat on!


Buffalo Grove, IL

Great yoga studios! If you like Hot Yoga, this is the place!


Glenview, IL

I highly recommend the Sky swim instructors. I am in my 50s. I was a beginning swimmer when I started with them. I could swim a bit, but did not feel comfortable putting my head in the water. I had to be taught all of the basics, including proper breathing. My friend and I took semi-private lessons twice a week for several months. I found my instructor to be energetic and patient. She provided clear instructions. She went over few concepts each session that was manageable for me to work on each week. I am glad I took the lessons. I really enjoy swimming now. My friend and I have continued to swim twice a week, working on lap swimming for fitness and stamina building. The facility is also clean and the staff very welcoming.


Buffalo Grove

I have been a member in the fitness center for 12 years now. In the 3 and a half ‘corona stay home months’ all i was able to think was when will the gym get finally re-open.. eventually the blessed day has showed up, and since then it feels like life starts to make sense again.. The staff is very nice and welcoming, the gym feels safe and clean. Most importantly, there is this Beatles/Pink-Floyd/ELO/LZ/Cold-play music plays in the background a good amount of the time; And that just makes the work-out feels like a breeze..

Uri B.

Age and a few falls took their toll on my knees. Doctors didn’t really help. I went to a few physical therapists, but the sessions were short and limited, and although the sessions helped, I was still in pain. I had trouble descending stairs or standing for any length of time. I decided to join Sky Fitness to build some strength. Right away, I met Robert Hawkins, who helped me with some of the weight machines. I decided to hire Robert as a personal trainer. What a great decision! After a few months, my knee pain is gone and I have so much more strength overall. And a great deal too – so much more time and help than I was getting from the doctor’s physical therapist at a fraction of the cost. Robert is careful and attentive and shows me how to try new exercises to build strength. I walk away tired, but never in pain. I highly recommend Robert and Sky Fitness!

Laura Best

Buffalo Grove

I’ve worked out at the club for many years. Now with all the amazing new equipment, and the overall facility makeover, this place rocks! The staff is impressive and the club manager, Larry Heller, gets major props for what he’s done to make this club one of the best in the North Shore if not the City!


The value is so good I can’t reasonably go anywhere else. I first checked out Sky Fitness in December of 2014. Being an avid lifter, college student, and being in the Navy, I needed some place to train back home that would offer me the flexibility I needed while constantly moving around. First impression was how immaculate the facilities are: everything is remarkably clean from the locker room to the machines, weights, and pool area. This has to be the most thoroughly-equipped gym I’ve ever been to. The place has everything you would want or need for all types of training.

However the biggest factor for me when choosing Sky Fitness was the price point. For students, it can’t be beat, with regular specials during breaks that other similar gyms in the area (XSport, World Gym, LA Fitness, etc.) can’t come close to. Regular rates are similarly convenient and frugal. The staff is amazingly friendly and helpful. By my third visit, the ladies behind the front desk would welcome me by name. Asking anyone for help so far, whether it be lifting advice or just asking where I could get something, has been on point.

Final Word: this isn’t a dingy old school gym full of bodybuilders or a flashy, loud place where you constantly feel judged. At the same time this isn’t Planet Fitness; you can actually lift and get in shape here. I personally spend most of my time powerlifting or doing bodybuilding-type training. Whether you’re a serious lifter, a shy newcomer to fitness, or just looking for a variety of ways and classes to get started with, I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else around Buffalo Grove, Wheeling, or Arlington Heights besides Sky Fitness. 5.0 star rating 5/21/2015.

Corey L.

Buffalo Grove, IL

Yes, Yes, Yes – a serious approach to fitness & advanced athletic training, for professional athletes, student athletes, and for people of all ages and fitness levels who want to take their workouts to the next level. The quality and variety of the Sky Fitness equipment is unsurpassed. They keep the spacious facility spotless at all times and in perfect working order. Knowledgeable, friendly staff – a pleasure! Elaborate class schedule – definitely! If you want the gym-club scene typical of Chicagoland facilities, don’t join SKY Fitness. If you want a truly superior level of athletic or fitness training at a world-class gym, this is your dream come true. Try it out ONCE, you’ll be hooked – Ask for LARRY… tell him Top Dawg sent you : )

Howard W.

Wheeling, IL

So sad that today was my last day of workout before our family relocation out of state. I have really enjoyed the friendly, positive-minded atmosphere at Sky Fitness and, especially, working out with my trainer, Steve Schalla.

I worked with Steve Schalla for about a year. He began by carefully interviewing me regarding my physical fitness needs and then crafted a methodical and careful thought-out plan to get me to my goals. And…he got me to my goals. He is a great detail person, very patient, very professional and very dedicated. Plus, he is a really nice guy and great conversationalist.

I will great miss working out with Steve and the rest of the Sky Fitness team.

Thank you, all of you.

Cheerful regards!

Dan Best

Amazing place! They have something for everyone from golf simulators to aerial yoga. Been coming here for some time now and just can’t believe the transformation. Nicely done guys! Will keep coming back. Jamie, the yoga trainer, ROCKS!

Anthony B.

Glenview, IL

I just want you to know that I think Jordan Hoobler is a great personal trainer. She has so much knowledge, which she applies adeptly to my needs, she is a great communicator–verbally and non-verbally when she demonstrates an exercise, and is very enthusiastic. I’m 71 and am so impressed by her ability to work with a “senior citizen.” I imagine she is very capable of working with people in any age range. She has had a significant positive effect on my attitude toward exercise and on my overall health!

All the best!

Jennifer Hentsche

“In August 2017 I met a delightful energetic beautiful young woman who has amazing flexibility softness in her yoga, but yet has the intelligence of someone my age. Yes I am totally blown away but I respect this young lady and I respect her ability to create build and balance yoga program for a very types of personalities and fitness levels. I know it takes a lot of effort and determination but she complicated what you set out to do. When you have a teacher and her creative team of Mary and Tabatha to support students to learn and Grow, success can only be the end result. And when Stacy and her team believe in each and every one of us and then Her students creativity levels shoot to the moon nothing will stop them. Her patience soft words encouragement can only elevate all of us 2017 graduates to the highest limb in Ashtanga Yoga. I know we have all met our divine inspiration. That’s what’s in my heart that’s what I see that’s what I feel that’s what I believe.”


I have been in fitness centers and clubs all over the country (including East Bank, Bannockburn, country clubs, cruise ships, you name them), but Sky Fitness has them all beat. The manager Larry takes a personal interest in the members and the facility. There are machines there you will only find in the weight rooms of a pro-sports team. They also have a climbing wall, basketball court, and indoor track. Clean locker room with full size lockers. Not the small half lockers that you need two or more! They just added a brand new dry sauna and steam with a huge lounge area with a large flat screen. Very nice and compliments to the management. Staff is friendly from checking you in to if you have a question using a machine. A bright clean locker room is a must for me and they meet all my expectations. With plenty of towels!

Jim S.

Wheeling, IL

“Sky yoga school felt more like a retreat then a school! What a great place to learn about yoga. Sky yoga has an exceptional facility, beautiful building with state of the art equipment. The teachers are just overflowing with various skills, knowledge and creativity to teach you. Overall life changing experience and I loved every minute of it!!! Highly encourage anyone who wants to teach yoga or just to deepen their practice to just go for it!”


All the improvements I hoped they’d make, they did and beyond! What an incredible facility it has turned out to be. The owners and the staff are probably the best I’ve dealt with when it comes to meeting my needs. Don’t walk… RUN to join sky fitness!!

Carlos A.

After being a member of another gym for over two years, I was ready for a change. Sky fits the bill. It’s clean, not too noisy, has lots of different group classes for every fitness level and top of the line equipment. They offer yoga, functional fitness, spin, Pilates, water aerobics, swimming, and tons of other group classes. The staff has been wonderful and helpful. Larry, the director, is always willing to answer questions and help when he can. This is the best hidden gem in Buffalo Grove. If you don’t come and check it out, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Carrie D.

Buffalo Grove, IL

“I am feeling just so blessed to have found the Sky Yoga School 200 Hour Yoga Alliance teacher training. One of the many things that I loved about Sky Yoga School was that our class size made a more intimate setting where no one felt like just another name. We all grew close, shared stories, our lives, and it became like a family. I personally was looking for a deeper experience than just the physical practice and this training did just that. We covered all the yogic philosophies, multitude of differing practices, aerial, chanting, kirtan, kundalini, meditation, energy healing, Qi gong, and so much more. We were guided and taught by a diverse group of instructors who are all just so magical and it is really just a well-rounded and thorough training. This training was a complete physical, mental, and spiritual immersion that helped me grow as a person, deepen my practice, and I’m now confident and excited to be able to share this with others.”


After retirement, I decided to get into a swimming routine for exercise.  In the past, I always had shoulder problems when I swam for longer distances.  I signed up for six (6) lessons with Sky. My instructor was absolutely fantastic, teaching me torso rotation techniques, improved swimming posture and alternative breathing rhythms. She was great at demonstrating and encouraging and easy to work with. She’s made a lasting contribution to my workout routine. I saw her teaching a variety of swimmers – children, teenagers, and seniors like me. She is patient with a great personality. I highly recommend the Sky swimming instructors.

Marty Singer

Buffalo Grove

I took swim lessons at Sky and the instructor made it fun and made suggestions to improve my skills. She helped me to be more confident with my swimming. Thanks so much!

Lisa Kim

Buffalo Grove