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Our Holistic Approach to Yoga at Sky Fitness

The Sky Fitness Yoga program has it all. With 2 full-time yoga studios and monthly specialty workshops, we have a class suited for all level yogis. Our Agni Hot Yoga Studio features a climate controlled, carbon filtration system that maintains consistent warm environments while combating the musty feeling you find at most hot yoga studios. Our Avani Yoga Studio features diverse classes ranging from vinyasa flow to kundalini, and even chair yoga. Yoga can be an afterthought at other gyms, but our instructors have built a solid program to make yoga an integrative part of your fitness routine. Come experience the best yoga studios!

Sky Fitness Chicago - Amenities - Agni Yoga
Sky Fitness Chicago - Amenities - Avani Yoga

Agni Hot Yoga Studio

Feel your muscles and joints limber up immediately in the 85-105° heat and 40% humidity. You’ll leave every class with a healthy glow. With regular practice you will enjoy hot yoga’s many other physical and mental benefits. Join us in our state of the art hot yoga studio for an intense and invigorating yoga workout!

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Avani Yoga Studio

Avani Yoga classes are FREE to members of Sky Fitness Center. Bring harmony and balance into your life through the ancient practice of yoga. Avani instructors make yoga accessible and challenging for students of all levels of age, skill or fitness.

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