Agni Hot Yoga Studio

Welcome to Agni Hot Yoga!

Feel your muscles and joints limber up immediately in the 85-105° heat and 20-40% humidity. You’ll leave every class with a healthy glow. With regular practice you will enjoy hot yoga’s many other physical and mental benefits. Join us in our brand new, state of the art hot yoga studio for an intense and invigorating yoga workout!

Detox, Restore, and Strengthen

Vinyasa, stretch, tune-up… Agni Hot Yoga offers a variety of classes for beginning to advanced students.

A challenging practice for all levels. Create extra heat through dynamic movements that will stretch you before inversion play with arm balances before the closing restorative yoga. 100 degrees 20% humidity.

Custom Classes Available for a Variety of Needs

Agni Hot Yoga’s custom curriculum is built on a foundation of respect for yoga tradition and the fitness needs of the Sky Fitness community. Call 847-229-0292 to reserve your space in class. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to class start to claim your reservation.

Weekly Agni Hot Yoga Classes

The Agni Hot Yoga Team

Our certified teachers help you achieve your fitness goals through the application of yoga principles.

Agni Hot Yoga Class Pricing

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We offer two pricing plans for non-members. Upgrade any time to a full membership and enjoy unlimited yoga classes!
$25per class
  • Upgrade any time to an unlimited monthly pass

Try our Aerial Yoga Classes

Learn how to balance, swing, traction your spine with gravity, and much more.

Yoga Workshops

Expand your practice as we hold a workshop for a special aspect of yoga.