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Sky Fitness Holiday Sale 2019

Final Days of our 2019 Holiday Sale!

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Now that the year is coming to a close, be sure to check out our final sale of the year. Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or one of the numerous December holidays, make sure to treat your loved ones to their favorites at Sky Fitness! Last Minute Shopping? Sky Fitness Has Your Back!…
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Black Friday 2019

2019 Black Friday Deals Just For Our Members!

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This time of year we reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives. Every family has their Thanksgiving traditions, whether it be a football game, making food together, or enjoying holiday shopping on Black Friday. Are you ready to add Sky Fitness to your Thanksgiving traditions? Take advantage of limited Black Friday Deals! Black…
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Yoga For A Lifetime Of Heart Health

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Yoga has been identified as a very beneficial form of exercise, stress reduction & general fitness for many years. Now more recently, scientists with Harvard Medical school have been studying & identifying Yoga s benefits for heart health. According to researcher Dr. Sat B. Singh Khalsa, Professor of Medicine, a regular yoga practice of 3-5…
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Sky Fitness Chicago - Amenities - Group Exercise


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I’ve been thinking a lot about this question recently, so here’s my take on it.  As fitness and healthcare professionals we know what the commonly defined answer to this question is.  However, I think it is much more.  Let me explain. If you look up the definition of fitness or physical fitness you find several…
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Top 5 Fitspiration Trends for 2019 - Sky Fitness Chicago

Top 5 Fitspiration Trends for 2019

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We celebrate everything the health and fitness revolution of 2018 has brought. We’ve seen more fitness fanatics wearing advanced technology, people amping up their routines with high intensity interval training (such as MoveStrong), grabbing a mid-day yoga class with coworkers, and an explosion of MMA boxing moves to improve strength and cardio as seen with MOSSA’s…
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Less Sitting, More Moving! NEW Guidelines for Adults & Children - Sky Fitness Chicago

Less Sitting, More Moving! NEW Guidelines for Adults & Children

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This blog features article ‘Move More, Sit Less’: U.S. Updates Exercise Guidelines for Adults, Kids written by John Fernandez For the first time in 10 years, the U.S. government has updated its minimum exercise guidelines to help adults, and their kids, achieve the many health benefits of regular physical activity. The exercise recommendations for U.S. adults…
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The Secret to Maintaining Health & Fitness Goals During The Holidays - Sky Fitness Chicago

The Secret to Maintaining Health & Fitness Goals During The Holidays

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During the holiday season, maintaining our health and fitness routine becomes extremely challenging. There are countless opportunities for over-indulging and drinking, while our active holiday schedules leave very little room for working off those extra calories. Many of us pick up a few unwelcome pounds from now until January 1st. However, all it takes is…
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7 Amazing Benefits of Group Exercise - Sky Fitness Chicago

7 Amazing Benefits of Group Exercise

This blog is a featured article by guest writer Michael Morelli. Exercising is a great way to become fit and live a healthier lifestyle. More often than not, people exercise on their own, at their own pace and on their own time. Well, this is okay and there’s nothing wrong with it – BUT did you…
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The Best Types of Workouts for Teens - Sky Fitness Chicago

The Best Types of Workouts for Teens

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Guest blog written by Barry White. Fitness is an important part of everyone’s lifestyles, but particularly teenagers. Throughout this time, the body is developing and adapting to the world around it, so by stimulating the body physically, you can help it to develop into something stronger, leaner, and all around healthier. Sitting at a desk…
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Activate Your Life for a Health Body with MOSSA Group Fitness! - Sky Fitness Chicago

Activate Your Life for a Healthy Body with MOSSA Group Fitness!

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Sky Fitness, MOSSA and the Mulitple Melanoma Foundation are celebrating better health in October with the launch of new MOSSA programs at our party on October 20th! MOSSA group exercise classes inspire members to activate their life. Group fitness encourages new friendships and results in not only a healthier body but the opportunity to create fun memories…
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