Sky Fitness Masking Policy Update

Sky Fitness Masking Policy Update

To all of our valued members and guests,

Today Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker revealed that he hopes to lift the indoor mask mandate for the state by the end of this month. The reason is that Illinois has seen a 66% drop in daily Covid-19 cases and a 63% drop in ICU cases. He stated” If these trends continue — and we expect them to —then on Monday, February 28th, we will lift the indoor mask requirement for the State of Illinois”.

If the State of Illinois lifts the mask mandate, Sky Fitness will follow the ruling and allow all of our members and guests to workout without masking or face shields. We believe that wearing a mask properly, helps prevent the spread of disease. If you have continued personal concerns we strongly suggest, respect and welcome your choice to wear a protective face covering inside Sky Fitness. We look forward to enjoying the move toward a more normal lifestyle and encourage everyone to do whatever is necessary to protect themselves as well as to live their best healthy life!

Remember that our goal is to maintain a healthy in-person health club and fitness facility. We want to continue to protect our staff and to protect all the members and guests who interact within Sky Fitness. Please continue to give other members space and respect each other’s concerns.

I especially want to thank the Sky Fitness team that has been nothing short of amazing throughout this stressful and difficult time within our industry!

If you have any questions regarding this notice please reach me directly at [email protected]

Larry Heller
Executive Director of Sky Fitness