Ballroom Dance Your Way To Good Health & New Friends! Sky Fitness Chicago

Ballroom Dance Your Way To Good Health & New Friends!

Looking for a fun way to get fit and make new friends? Check out Ballroom Dance at Sky!  Ballroom dancing promotes fitness and expression through a low impact activity while swaying along to the rhythm in an upbeat environment. Our professional instructor Olga Aidasheva, values dancing as a beautiful sport that embraces her lifelong passion. This goes past merely benefiting your body, it’s also proven to be beneficial for your emotional health and social connections. Dancing is a great social activity, and it has been shown that socializing regularly can have vast health benefits on self-esteem, stress, and even lowering your BMI!

Top 5 Health Benefits of Ballroom Dancing:

Muscle ToningMozart’s beautiful music is an amazing source of inspiration for developing muscle toning as you and your dancing partner must resist each other’s body strength. The fast turns, spinning and two-stepping all contribute to building muscle. Are you ready to look long and lean?

Bones and JointsBallroom dance will get your heart pumping while protecting bone density and prevent osteoporosis! As a weight-resisting activity, dancing is a wonderful way to decrease exercise-related injuries. The National Osteoporosis Foundation has ascertained that the intensity exercises associated with dancing causes formation of new bone tissues, making you bones stronger and rigid. 

Fat Burning: Fun fact – Just thirty minutes of dancing will boost your metabolism. Imagine burning anywhere between 200-400 calories so quickly! Time will fly compared to climbing the stair machine…

FlexibilityBallroom classes start by stretching and warming up. This warm up is critical for protecting your body against dance-related injuries and allow easy movement across the dance floor. By nature, dancing embraces plenty of stretching and bending which increases the more you dance.

Social Connectivity and Brain FoodJoining a ballroom dance class engages you to a new community of people who share common interests, enjoy uplifting conversations, and potentially lower stress levels. Keeping up with the steps is a great way to work your brain power as well. Sky offers FREE bi-weekly social dance class on Fridays. The positive benefits are overwhelming!

About the Teacher

Olga loves dancing. She and her dance partner embody the truth that “once a dancer always a dancer.” Learning as early as age 7, she continues working with professional coaches all over the country. Olga dedicates countless hours to practicing and growing not only to become an improved dancer but also a better teacher for her students. As a lifelong learner, she inspires her students to keep practicing and taking lessons as well. The more one practices in conjunction with the right teacher, the better one becomes. Recently, she and her partner competed at the Cincinnati Ballroom Classic 2018. They placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the Professional American Smooth!

Ballroom Dance Your Way To Good Health & New Friends! Sky Fitness Chicago

Do you need guidance preparing for a special life celebration such as a wedding, anniversary or family event?

Olga presents private dance lessons as well as classes to help you glide gracefully on the dance floor at upcoming events such as your wedding day or a milestone anniversary. Are your feet tapping? Curious? Enjoy our next free Friday ballroom dance class – see our monthly calendar for details. Lessons and pricing available on our website.