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Redefine Yourself with Group Centergy: Balanced Body = Balanced Mind

MOSSA is the most respected developer of professional, high quality, enjoyable group fitness workouts in the health club industry today. Their goal is to get everyone moving through group exercise. Are you ready to experience the new release of Group Centergy at Sky Fitness?

Group Centergy is an invigorating 60-minute mind-body workout that will help you grow longer and stronger. It incorporates yoga and Pilates fundamentals with athletic training for balance, mobility, flexibility, and the core. Exciting, upbeat music drives the experience as you breathe and sweat through this full-body fitness journey.

How does the class combine yoga and Pilates? Group Centergy has a consistent format that allows you to get comfortable with the movements and see improvements in your health and well-being. The group instructor will lead you through 10 tracks with 10 specific objectives…

1) Focus – Mind and body warm ups that use athletic, functional and full-body movements.
2) Salutations – Traditional yoga postures that are repeated to increase sweat, strength and stamina.
3) Challenge – Full body standing yoga poses that build strength and endurance.
4) Balance – Energy pulls back, allowing your focus to turn inward and concentrate on balance.
5) Core Back – Pilates inspired core training for the often-neglected back will improve your posture and create muscle balance.
Redefine Yourself with Group Centergy: Balanced Body = Balanced Mind - Sky Fitness Chicago
6) Core Front -Pilates inspired movements to strengthen abs and stabilize pelvis.
7) Hips – Exercises to promote stability and mobility through the hips which helps you grow younger with a healthy and pain-free back and spine.
8) Spirals -Yoga inspired twists for organ detox, and improved spine flexibility and stability.
9) Folds – Relieve physical and mental stress from the body’s lower back and hamstrings
10) Restore – The workout recovery is critical as it allows the body and mind to become balanced and recharged, ready to take on what is outside the health club doors.

Group Centergy is truly for everyone, removing barriers of age or gender. Combining yoga and Pilates is really getting the best of both worlds in 60 minutes with great music! It is a perfect way to improve balance, mobility, flexibility, and strength. As human stress balls, we expend a lot of energy. Group Centergy allows students to replace it and recenter their energy. It’s ideal as a workout of choice or to add it at least once a week to your current workouts to reinvigorate the mind and body.

Check out the Sky Fitness schedule and let’s get moving together!

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