Sky's First Indoor Triathlon Was a Success! Sky Fitness Chicago

Sky’s First Indoor Triathlon Was a Success!

Sky Fitness and Vision Quest partnered together on March 4th bringing 50 members and athletes in the community together to participate in our first indoor triathlon! Our participants ranged in age from 10-82 yrs. The vision for an indoor triathlon is to help active fitness performers set goals, challenge their endurance, keep their motivation high during winter, and test their early spring fitness. The other gem was to offer an amazing opportunity for kids to be active. Families were highly encouraged to participate with their kids!

The 60 minute indoor triathlon consisted of:

  • 10 minute swim
  • 30 minute bike (stationary bike)
  • 20 minute run (treadmill)

Gordon (82 years old!) has been a Sky member for 15+ years and participated in the triathlon “just for the fun of it.” His body “survived” the experience because he has committed to a life of exercise. He was proud of his hard work, kept his weight under control, found increased stamina and he finished 42/48. Grateful to the entire staff, his overall experience was a winning one! Read his full testimonial here.

A small group of people committed to an 8-week training program that was led by our own triathlete, Janine Newman. Janine teaches Pilates at Sky and also works as a trainer at Vision Quest. She said this group was incredibly lucky to have Robbie Ventura (Vision Quest Founder) leading the biking segment. As an accomplished cyclist, people pay hundreds of dollars to ride with him.

“To be part of their journey, see all the families that were competing and taking on a goal of doing something healthy together was very inspiring!” – Janine. Seeing everyone who took the risk by signing up and finishing without any injuries and remaining healthy was quite incredible!

Sandra S. (Sky member) went into this adventure feeling “a little nervous and under-prepared.” However, as soon as she hit the pool area, she was greeted by the staff and felt assured that everything was going to be OK. Energized by the supportive, organized and competitive atmosphere, Sandra is very proud of her accomplishment and “looking forward to completing another triathlon in the near future at Sky.”

Top Finishers

Mike Brady
James Skala
Alexis Baudron
Adam Kaplan
Maxim Serlin


Top Male:
Mike Brady
James Skala
Alexis Baudron

Top Female
Christine Kolzow
Tina Umansky
Kaila Konecki

Mark Tolle (Sky’s Fitness Manager) considered the first Sky Fitness/Vision Quest triathlon to have been a “BIG success.” He was joined by several of his clients which strengthened their relationships and made the experience even more rewarding. He stated, “The expertise of Janine Newman & Robbie Ventura made all the difference in this becoming a great event. The encouragement from the Vision Quest volunteers was extraordinary. I think it was great for our community here at Sky and I can’t wait to participate again so I can better my achievement.

Steve D. ,65, had limited water experience based on playing with his grand kids in the kiddie pool, challenged himself to enter. Why? He was inspired by the idea of the “challenge, competition and camaraderie which resulted in excitement, exhaustion and enthusiasm.” Pleased by his respectable time, he strongly encourages “everyone to attempt the challenge and enjoy the resulting confidence.”

View triathlon highlights in our photo gallery below or click here to view entire album

Sky is proud to offer fun and challenging programs to our members and their families. We encourage families to spend more time doing healthy activities together. Optimal health and wellness is our number one priority. If you have a suggestion, share it with our our front desk team. In the meantime, stay connected on our social platforms for future events!

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