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Sky Fitness Moves Forward with Phase 5 Guidelines 6/11/21

Sky Fitness will resume normal operations with our post Covid safety guidance and procedures. We strongly recommend that if you are concerned about Covid-19 to continue wearing a face covering, but Sky Fitness will no longer make it mandatory. We respectfully ask anyone that has not been vaccinated to continue to wear a face covering while exercising. We have had an impeccable record of no known cases of Covid-19 transmissions and would like to keep it that way!

The Illinois Department of Public Health states:

Testing, tracing and treatment are widely available throughout the state. Either a vaccine is developed to prevent additional spread of COVID-19, a treatment option is readily available that ensures health care capacity is no longer a concern, or there are no new cases over a sustained period. All sectors of the economy reopen with new health and hygiene practices permanently in place. Large gatherings of all sizes can resume. Public health experts’ focus on lessons learned and building out the public health infrastructure needed to meet and overcome future challenges. Heath care equity is made a priority to improve health outcomes and ensure vulnerable communities receive the quality care they deserve.

We know how crucial proper exercise, strong immune systems and a healthy community are for our physical and mental health. Our incredible team at Sky Fitness is eager to serve members and help to positively impact their lives each and every day. We strongly encourage you to experience the fact that you can exercise here in a safe, wholesome and impeccably clean environment!

TIME TO TAKE THE INITIATIVE TO GET MOVING AGAIN…Sky Fitness has something for everyone!
  • Three shifts constantly cleaning, Anti-viral fogging, sanitizing stations
  • Locker rooms with showers, Whirlpools, steam rooms and Saunas are all open!
  • Lap pool, Outdoor pool & Therapy pools are open!
  • Indoor Group X & Yoga are open along with some virtual options as well!
  • Personal Training, Pilates classes and massages all available!
  • Indoor Track, Basketball court, strength training & Cardio equipment all available!
  • The Brand New Powerlifting Room is Open!
  • Pickleball Courts are open!

We sincerely appreciate our loyal members that have helped us get past the Pandemic with an impeccably clean record. Thanks for being members and spreading the positive message that Sky Fitness is the very best choice for your personal wellness!

Larry Heller