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Sky Moves to Tier 3 Following Illinois Orders

Hello Members & Guests of Sky Fitness

There are many questions regarding the new Tier 3 regulations under the Phase 4 Illinois plan and hopefully you will have a better understanding on how this will affect your activities here within Sky Fitness. Below is the dialog released from the IDPH in reference to Governor Pritzker’s statement yesterday. Highlighted in yellow you will quickly see how Sky Fitness will interpret these new guidelines that go into effect 11/20/20 at 5:00am and will remain until further notice.

Tier 3 Resurgence Mitigations

With a new wave of COVID-19 surging across the state of Illinois and the nation, the state is committed to listening to public health experts and following the science to keep people safe. Tier 3 builds on the Resurgence Mitigation Plan first released in July to suppress the spread of the virus and ensure our hospitals do not become overrun. This new tier aims to limit gatherings and encourages people to stay home to the greatest extent possible, while permitting some industries to remain open at significantly reduced capacities with proper safety measures in place. All detailed Phase 4 operational guidance remains in effect.

Health and Fitness Centers
  • Operate at no more than 25% capacity: This will not affect Sky Fitness Members due to the fact that we are not operating even close to 25% capacity
  • No indoor group classes: Sky Fitness will pause all indoor Group exercise and Yoga classes starting This Friday 11/20/20 until further notice.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times, including while engaged in individual exercise regardless of person or machine spacing: This will be strictly enforced in all areas including the locker rooms, pools and Pickball space. We will continue to keep our pools open but members are expected to wear their face covering up to the moment they enter into the pool. If you are swimming please leave your face covering in a baggie next to your lane. If you are water walking wear the face covering in the pool. Pickleball will remain open as this is a sport that enables social distancing by design. Face coverings are mandatory at all times during tier 3 mitigations.
  • Reservations required: Because Sky Fitness has the luxury of over 100,000 square feet and exceptionally low attendance in these COVID times, reservations will not be necessary.
  • Locker room areas should be closed: Locker rooms will remain open for the main purpose of locker utilization. We expect continuing inclement weather this Fall & Winter seasons. We do not want Winter coats, wet or dirty street shoes, salt etc. throughout the club, so please use the locker rooms to change attire into proper gym gear. We are asking all members to shower and attend to their personal grooming at home. We will not provide towel service or razors in tier 3. The idea is to discourage everyone within the club from removing their face covering for any reason.

We expect full cooperation in abiding to these simple rules and truly hope we can continue to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing while participating here at Sky Fitness.


Larry Heller
Executive Director of Sky Fitness