The Pants Won't Fit if You Quit - My Transformation Journey

The Pants Won’t Fit If You Quit: My Transformation Journey

Sky Fitness member, Steven Decker, reflects on his journey through our 10 Week Transformation Challenge

30 years of excuses have been dissipated by eight weeks of hard work. Now that I have almost concluded the 10 week transformation challenge I can pleasantly reflect my journey these past two months. Like many 64 year old men, I would routinely go to visit my doctor for my annual physical. Every year he would tell me: “Steve you should lose at least 10% of your weight” and I would return the following year only to gain an additional one or two pounds. It wasn’t until I joined Sky Fitness in Buffalo Grove and saw that they offered the transformation challenge that I finally determined to do something helpful for myself. With the encouragement of my friend Gary, who at the time of the writing of this entry is leading the pack with a 10% weight loss, I made the commitment to turn my idle time into worthwhile time.

The first transformation that I made was much easier than I thought. Modifying my diet with the instruction from the nutritionist provided by the club, Kim Seiden, I realized that although I had routinely consumed three or four packets of Sweet n’ Low each day for the last 40 years I was able to totally abstain from all artificial sweeteners and Diet Coke. A simple transformation to sparkling water was easier than I had anticipated. The training sessions were exhausting but still fun. It is especially easier to get up a little bit earlier in the morning when you have the assistance of an awesome personal trainer like Kyle Plotsky. He modified his own personal schedule to match our work schedule. I also enjoyed meeting a new workout partner Julie, currently in fifth place, and we all encouraged each other to persevere in our weight loss goals.

The Pants Wont Fit if You Quit - My Transformation Journey

After two months I have gone from a moderately overweight 224 pounds to a slightly overweight 208 pounds…a drop of nearly 8% with the hope of getting down to 205 pounds in the remaining two weeks. Additionally, my endurance is increased and I have improved my overall body strength – now I have the ability to do four chin-ups when a mere eight weeks ago I could only do one! Of course my momentary success these last two months is not indicative of a guarantee in the future, but I learned that with the assistance of a friendly environment and an encouraging physical trainer I finally am able to wear a pair of pants that I’ve kept in the back of my closet for the last 10 years. Change is possible!