The Best Time to Workout May Be Earlier Than You Thought... Sky Fitness Chicago

The Best Time to Workout May Be Earlier Than You Thought…

Does the time we workout really affect how much we burn fat and calories? It’s common knowledge that regular exercise tremendously benefits our body, mind, and overall health. However, our schedules frequently do vary and committing to working out at the same time everyday gets tricky. Instead of trying to squeeze in a workout here and there, let’s look at when is the best time to workout and how should we go about it…

Rise & Shine!

Fitness plays a critical role in improving our health, better sleep, weight loss and raising endorphins. According to a study done by Gretchen Reynolds in the New York Times, the BEST time to workout is early in the morning before you even eat breakfast! Before you say “That’s WAY too early”, give it a chance. People who work out on an empty stomach burned up to 20 percent more fat, according to health site Greatist. Another study indicated that moderate exercise for 45 minutes in the morning reduced appetite.The science behind this truth is that it forces your body to tap into your fat reserves while working out and not the calories of the most recent snack or meal you just ate. Committing to an early morning workout routine moves you from a fitness wimp to a workout warrior. Stay on track with fitness goals by scheduling early morning workout sessions into your weekly calendar.

Skip the snooze button and dedicate yourself to an early morning routine. A healthy, balanced diet combined with the discipline of an early morning workout will put you on the path to successful fat burning and weight loss. Sky Fitness actively helps you create and reach goals through our dedicated personal trainers, group classes, and nutrition counseling. Our group classes and personal training sessions are great ways to hold yourself accountable. Grabbing a workout buddy is another to gain support and encouragement.

It only takes 21 days to form a new habit. Get your blood pumping and turn up the sweat with your morning workout starting tomorrow! We look forward to seeing you bright & early. 

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