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Choosing A Summer Diet Plan That’s Right For You

Nothing beats summertime in Chicago! The beautiful weather allows for hiking in local forest preserves, having fun at the beach, or spending all day at a festival in the city. However, for some of us it can be a wake up call. We can’t help but notice the affects that our unhealthy winter habits have had on our body (Netflix marathons, holiday desserts, etc.). We’ve all been there at some point. Here’s how to get back on track with your summer diet…

Everyone wants their best body possible. We would love to eat whatever we want and have the pounds simply melt away! The truth is that dieting is very hard and most plans fail. Many diets can actually harm your health long-term. The Best Diets 2017 by US World & News Reports thoroughly evaluates and ranks 38 of the easiest, safe, nutritious and most effective diets for weight loss and protection against diabetes and heart disease.

A panel of renowned experts in diet, nutrition, obesity, food psychology, diabetes and heart disease were chosen to methodically scrutinize each program to evaluate the following: How easy it is to follow? Is it nutritional sound? What is its ability to produce short-term and long-term weight loss? How well might it prevent heart disease and diabetes?

Many of us have a continual dance with food, trying to figure out what works best for our individual body. Once we read the data and learn from media hype, some important thoughts also come to mind: Does this program coincide with my health goals? Is this program designed for long-term goals? Along with diet, creating positive lifestyle changes such as daily exercise or practicing yoga may also help us reach our goals and feel better.

Choosing A Summer Diet Plan That's Right For You - Sky Fitness Chicago

Spice up your eating habits with one of the top summer diet plans…

The DASH Diet has been ranked Best Diet for the 7th year in a row by US News & World Report:

  • Prevent and lower high blood pressure based on age and activity level
  • Developed by National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
  • Healthful foods and regular exercise
  • Easy to follow

The US World and News Report’s comprehensive guide to deciding which is the best diet for you has unlocked SO MANY options! All the information we have provided is for you to use as a guide. Sky Fitness is simply sharing information and is not endorsing any one program, nor are we providing medical advice that should interfere with your doctor.

Are you still trying to decide which diet is right for you this summer? Learn more about healthy eating and changing your lifestyle habits for long-term success with our in-house nutrition consultant, Kim Seiden.

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