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Smart Small Group Training Is Here!

Our new line up of small group training is ready to go!

Are you still looking for a unique way to maximize your results when working out?

Register now with our Fitness Manager or speak with one of the following small group coaches; Kyle Plotsky, Justin Granat, Jo Jo Fonegra, Robert Hawkins, Nik Arun and Kate Malcolm.
Various Training Day and Time Options Are Available!


What you get:

* 1-2 Small group personal training sessions per week
* A Certified Personal Training Coach
* Education in how to optimize training to achieve your goals
* Better value of this specialized coaching
* Variety of time slots and pricing options
* Your first group training session is complimentary
* Experience the energy and expertise of our fitness professionals

This is the perfect program to add to your current workouts to accelerate results! Normally a private training session would be $55-70 per, but with this special offer the per session rate can be as low as $26! So why would you want to participate in this Small Group Personal Training Program?

  • Personalized Programming. Throughout the training period you will have exercises specifically chosen for you so you can precisely dial in on your unique goals and needs.
  • More Advanced Training. Because each session will have no more than 5 clients, you will have more opportunity to work with your coach, and this will allow for us to utilize more complex movements. We can pull out all the stops and use the best movements possible to accelerate your results.
  • More Individual Attention. Due to the intimate session sizes (2-5 clients per session) you will get more personal attention than in any group program we’ve ever offered before.
  • Accelerated Results. More individual attention & higher skill movements means that we can truly “release the brakes” and get you the fastest results possible.
  • Target Your Individual Needs & Goals. If you have specific needs or goals that don’t fit directly into what we do in our group based offerings -this is the ideal way to maximize progress toward those goals.
  • Lose Weight, Gain Value. Take advantage of one complimentary group training session to see how you like to exercise in a small group. Register NOW so you can get all these benefits for less than $31 per session. Our one time Drop-In Rate is $34.

Because of the amount of personal attention that will be provided with these sessions, we have to limit the number of participants, so you’ll need to act fast. If you want to take advantage of this special offer, you must speak with Mark, our Fitness Manager or contact the coach of you choice!

Sign Up Now

Maximize your results with group training!

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