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Yoga is the new ‘Secret Sauce’ for Athletes


Athletes need yoga? Yes, you read that right! Overall, athletes have expanded their training practices to enhance performance and create muscular balance with a wider variety of activities such as dance, barre and stretching classes.

Today, athlete’s physical bodies must be in alignment with their minds as well. The best way to connect your mind and body is by incorporating the 5,000 year old practice of yoga. The postures (asanas) dive deep into the layers of our physical bodies, focusing on our breath (prana), meditation and relaxation to bring the body and mind into balance. Creating this synergy allows the athlete to completely shift focus, manage reactions and enhance their performance both on and off the field.

Yoga serves as a vital tool for athletes with injuries, weaknesses, and imbalances by aiding in the re-balance and strengthening of muscles, joints and ligaments. According to Ted McDonald, yoga teacher/fitness trainer, “Athletes need yoga to improve your physical body, to improve your mental game, and for the longevity of your career.”

Yoga is the new Secret Sauce for Athletes - Sky Fitness Chicago

Sky Fitness athletes have full access to an incredibly rich yoga program. Our two world-class studios: Avani and Agni provide solid programs that integrate easily into any athlete’s daily training! The Avani Studio practices Vinyasa (flexibility, stamina, strength through breath and movement); Iyengar (alignment-based therapeutic system); and Kundalini (Igniting the creative fire within).

Ready to bring on the heat? Enter Sky’s climate-controlled hot Agni Studio and find an athletic paradise. Choose a Feel the Burn or a Warm Vinyasa class where the asanas will stretch and strengthen your muscles through dynamic movement, inversions and arm balances. Improve your athletic performance in 95-99 degree temps!

Are you are looking for increased flexibility? Shorter recovery time? Injury prevention? Come on into Sky Fitness and unroll your mat today!