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7 Amazing Benefits of Group Exercise

This blog is a featured article by guest writer Michael Morelli.

Exercising is a great way to become fit and live a healthier lifestyle. More often than not, people exercise on their own, at their own pace and on their own time. Well, this is okay and there’s nothing wrong with it – BUT did you know that there are many amazing benefits that you can enjoy from trying group exercise?

Group exercise is found to provide many benefits that you won’t necessarily get from only exercising on your own. In fact, many trainers and fitness enthusiasts recommend this kind of activity. According to studies, it shows that people who exercise in large groups are found to have a more successful journey in achieving their fitness goals!

Check out the 7 Amazing Benefits of Group Exercise

1. Qualified fitness expert at your disposal!

When you exercise together with other people around you, there will be a qualified fitness expert, such as one of Sky’s personal trainers, that will lead the whole group. This is found to be extremely helpful to everyone because someone will be there to cheer you on and show you proper form. Unlike when you workout by yourself, doing it in a large group is like having a personal trainer at your disposal to ask questions. Aside from effectiveness, it’s practical too!

2. More bang for your buck!

Joining a health club that offers group exercise will give you more bang for your buck. You can enjoy many more fitness benefits when you are in the right group of people.

When you exercise with a large group of people, it will help push yourself to the limit. Accordingly, being with others will make you work harder since it will encourage you to do more.  When you are practicing your exercise routines all alone, the risk of feeling tired is much more apparent and we may not workout as hard or long as we can. But notice that when you are surrounded by the people that want to do more as well, you’ll see that it can be really much more encouraging.

3. Lower risk of injury

Having a group of people around you that have the same goals as you is very helpful and can decrease the risk of getting injured. This is because when you are doing a certain routine or a workout the wrong way, the ones that you are with during the exercise will help you correct your form and positioning.

It will be much easier for you to master every routine and technique because there will always be someone to assist you as you do them. Whereas when doing it all alone, you push yourself to do a trial and error process which then increases the risk of accidental injury.

4. Higher endorphin output

When you exercise in groups, you will feel lighter, happier, and calmer even after an intense workout session. Exercising in a group increases the production of your endorphins or happy hormones. This is a great opportunity to share a laugh and make new friends!

Bonus: Calculating BMR will also help you know how to manage your fitness routines and your hormones.

5. Camaraderie between participants

Group exercises are not only meant to provide you benefits on your fitness goals alone. They are pretty great for building your social life. You can meet a lot of people and gain new friends! And when this happens, you’ll be more excited every time your group is scheduled for a class. You can also hold each other accountable for showing up to class!

In addition, even when you are outside the workout session, you and your newfound friends can support each other with your goals!

6. Huge variety to your workout

Exercising on your own is usually done with the help of machines along with the internet, making it seem much more convenient. However, the downside of this is that it limits your opportunity to try new routines and exercises.

Group classes can provide you a huge variety of workout routines. When you attend a class, this gives everyone the chance to experience new exercises that work your body in a different way. Try aquatic fitness, dancing, MoveStrong, MOSSA and many other programs that Sky Fitness offers

7. It’s fun!

Lastly, the classes are fun! This may be the number one amazing benefit of group exercise. You’ll be with people that have the same mindset and goals as you, and there’s usually music involved! If you consider the fact that these people that belong in the group are your friends already, then the experience becomes much more fun and lively.

Are you curious about trying a group exercise class to see the benefits for yourself? Check out our class schedule to pick a few group classes that sound fun to you!


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