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Sky Makes it Simple to Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions in 2018

Do you find yourself making and quitting the same New Year’s resolutions every year?
Stay on track with your health & fitness goals in 2018…

Usually around 5 months after the New Year, people get discouraged and give up. A whopping 97% of individuals fail to reach their mark because they neglect to set goals: long-term and short-term. The importance of setting goals takes the big picture of getting in shape or losing weight and breaks it down into smaller realistic goals. The Sky Fitness team wants to teach our members how to set SMART goals to help you be successful with your resolutions this year!

What are SMART goals? Goals that are classified as:

  • Specific  (simple, significant and sensible)
  • Measurable  (meaningful and motivating)
  • Attainable  (agreed and achievable)
  • Relevant  (realistic and results-based)
  • Time-bound  (time-sensitive)

Take advantage of the many AWESOME resources we offer to support you along your journey:

  • Sign up for private sessions with one of our many Certified Personal Trainers – they are dedicated to motivating and holding their clients accountable throughout their private or group training sessions. They also teach clients how to celebrate reaching each goal in a healthy way!
  • Our certified nutrition consultant Kim Seiden offers private nutritional counseling sessions. Kim designs a custom Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Plan based on the client’s current diet and daily habits.  Personalized goals are set over a 3-month period as well as teaching you how to make healthy eating and living a permanent lifestyle change.

Celebrate your victories each step of the way with some of our luxury spa amenities. Enjoy a deep tissue massage, a soak in the hot tub, or relaxing in the sauna or state-of-the-art steam room! If we may be of further service, check in with us at the front desk. Old habits are hard to break; however replacing them with healthier changes will feel amazing and positively affect your whole life! 

Today is Day One. You Have 365 Opportunities to Achieve your Goals this Year.

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