Melissa Morawiecki

Group Exercise Director

Sky Fitness Chicago - Melissa Morawiecki – Programs Director

My name is Melissa Morawiecki and I have been working in fitness for 22 years. I have a BA in Public Relations and a minor in Health. I chose fitness because it complemented my profession of water skiing. In my “off season”, I would work as a group exercise instructor, eventually leading to a role as Group Exercise Director. I have traveled the world and worked in many different fitness communities. Teaching in many states, as well as Germany & many years in Jamaica. I would have to say that fitness brought me back home to Illinois and back to Sky Fitness (OK, maybe family had a little role in my move as well). Sky was a huge part of my life when I lived in Illinois years before my daughter was born. Sky is like my second home. The relationships that I have built with the Group Exercise Team and membership community is priceless. There is no other place I would rather be. Except, of course, spending time on the water with my husband, Peter, daughter, Macee, and furry babies, Hunter, the dog, Bella, the guinea pig, and Gainer my cat. I look forward to getting to know so many more members and working together towards being and staying active for life.

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