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Top 5 Fitspiration Trends for 2019

We celebrate everything the health and fitness revolution of 2018 has brought. We’ve seen more fitness fanatics wearing advanced technology, people amping up their routines with high intensity interval training (such as MoveStrong), grabbing a mid-day yoga class with coworkers, and an explosion of MMA boxing moves to improve strength and cardio as seen with MOSSA’s awesome Group Fight classes. Our members are actively working harder to move more and make healthier choices everyday. As a health club, we’ve made it a priority to offer specialized group training programs to help motivate members and have held several nutrition education events throughout the year! Sky Fitness is ready to welcome 2019’s new fitness trends…

Check out some of the top fitspiration trends for 2019:

#5 Body Weight Training

Training smarter and not necessarily harder is becoming quite popular. Our Personal Trainers are utilizing body weight strategies as in their personal and group training sessions with clients. Using your own body weight as resistance is a fantastic way to safely build muscle. Body weight training improves balance, flexibility, control and adds variety to your weekly workouts!

#4 Fitness Programs for Older Adults

Flexibility, balance, mobility and strength training for older adults have become quite popular. Evidence-based fall prevention programs encourage older people to invest in their health to increase their ability for an active lifestyle, independence and build their muscle to help them enjoy longevity. Atrophy over 40 is quite common. As they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Join us for Light & Low or Chair Yoga classes to keep moving and feel great!

#3 HIIT Fusion

High-intensity Interval training is still incredibly popular among ambitious fitness fanatics. We love the rush from the short bursts of rigorous exercise, followed by minimal rest periods. Now, HIIT is beginning to combine with other flexibility classes to create a blended workout. First to hit the scene are HIIT Pilates sessions. These workouts use Pilates to strengthen, increase flexibility and decrease stress while still burning fat. Imagine getting the benefits from both techniques in one routine…Fast, efficient and extremely effective!

#2 Group Training

Group exercise is astoundingly popular and for good reason. Many trainers and fitness enthusiasts recommend this kind of activity as it provides many benefits that you won’t necessarily get from only exercising on your own. Partnering with MOSSA allows Sky Fitness to provide a highly motivating and exciting way to inspire more people moving together! We offer the industry’s best comprehensive branded group fitness programs to offer a variety of classes to ensure participants achieve success and have fun as they reach their fitness goals!

#1 Fitness Trackers

Wearable technology (like smart watches, fitness trackers, heart monitors, etc.) have ranked in the ACSM’s top three list since 2016. Fitness trackers are great for people who are looking to track their activities while working out to see if their effort equals the results they’re looking for. Although, today’s smartphones come with a wide selection of fitness trackers, it’s highly recommended to buy separate tech because of the number of features. You can also track your workouts using the Sky Fitness app!

Learning about the new fitness trends for the year to come always excites us just as much as waiting for the ball to drop! Fitspiration trends for 2019 will have us working out smarter while getting stronger. We look forward to sharing the new outdoor pool, community clubhouse and other exciting amenities with everyone next summer!

Sky Fitness wishes all of our members and their families a very happy holiday season! Here’s to a healthy & fit New Year…