Have you been wondering about all the crawling & rolling you’ve seen some members & trainers doing at the club the last few months?

Well it’s called original strength. It’s about regaining the body we were meant to have!

Original strength is that operating system we were born with and updated through the developmental sequences from birth to adulthood.

The problem with many people is that we some how move away from our operating system. We don’t keep it updated. We allow it to go dormant by not moving. Our operating system, our movement – our poetry system – is designed to always keep us moving with elegance throughout our entire lives. But just like a computer, if you leave it on, and don’t use it, it goes to sleep mode and misses all the important updates.

We know that babies crawl & roll around as they explore their world. That process is important in developing the brain, but also to develop what experts call, reflexive strength or reflexive stability. This reflexive strength that develops early on in our life is hardwired into our central nervous system, thus it becomes automatic.

So if you have a sense that you lack strength, stability or mobility you might want to first think about going back in time and focus on regaining your original strength first.

If want to improve your stability and mobility try crawling and rolling. Check out the video below which shows the baby crawl followed by and advance crawling motion called the leopard crawl.