Sky Fitness Chicago - Outdoor Pool - Buffalo Grove Swimming Pool

Outdoor Pool Will Remain Closed for the Rest of the Season

The Sky Fitness Outdoor Pool will remain closed for the rest of the season.

We had hoped to have enough usage to make it a worthwhile business decision, but due to Covid-19 we simply do not have the participation necessary. We will look to re-open access to club members in the very early Spring season.

Over the past few months we have had many members wanting to discuss COVID-19 concerns and the face covering policy at Sky Fitness. We decided from day one that we would hold ourselves to a higher standard than the rest of the local clubs and the state regulations which require a face shield upon entry, but not while exercising. We will continue to stress that our members must wear their face covering over their nose and mouth at Sky Fitness. We greatly appreciate the fact that almost all of our members have complied and continue to follow our requests. On a really positive note we have had over 40,000 check-ins since reopening and ZERO TRANSMISSIONS! There are a couple areas that continue to be of concern.

  1. The locker room policyWear your face covering everywhere unless you are showering or personal grooming at the sink or shower.  If you are near your locker, your face covering should be worn. If you are socializing, please keep it to a minimum and wear your face covering. If you are watching TV wear your face covering. Remember that you should ALWAYS REMEMBER TO CONTINUE SOCIAL DISTANCING!
  2. The pool policies: Wear your face covering to the pools; only take it off prior to entering the water. Place your face covering in a baggie or in a place that you will remember with 100% certainty that it is yours. Please remember to wear your face covering after exiting the pools. Lap lanes are to be shared with a maximum of two swimmers at a time. And once again ALWAYS REMEMBER TO CONTINUE SOCIAL DISTANCING!
  3. Warm Water Pool: Remember that this pool has less space and we request three or less maintain social distance at all times.  Masks must be worn with four or more in the Warm water pool and between the hours of Noon-3:00pm!
  4. Pickleball courts and training turf: Pickleball is a sport of social distancing therefore we do not require face coverings to be worn while playing, but social distancing rules apply at all times. We do recommend that if you can play in a face covering to do so. Additionally we want those players that are not playing to wear their face coverings and to social distance at all times. Same rules apply for table tennis!

Turf area follows the same rules as the rest of the clubWEAR YOUR FACE SHIELD AT ALL TIMES!

We thank all of you that have continued to support us through this very difficult industry wide problem.

We will continue to do our very best to be a safe haven for all your wellness needs.

Best wishes,

Larry Heller
Executive Director of Sky Fitness