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Top 10 Hot Fitness Trends For 2018

The name of the fitness game this season is “let’s increase the sweat!” Everyone wants to get healthy, build strength, increase flexibility and of course shed the fat. The American Academy of Science annually publishes the ACSM’ Health & Fitness Journal. They survey more than 4,000 fitness professionals (trainers, exercise physiologists and fitness directors) who give their opinions on what fitness trends will be big in Spring this 2018. Responses are sought internationally from 41 countries across world. Represented by the following highly regarded organizations: American College of Sports Medicine, American Council on Exercise, National Council of Strength and Fitness, and the Cooper Institute.

All of us want to move more and move BETTER. The number one principle is to do so without injury. When we are younger, our drive and adrenaline propel us to push ourselves like crazy. Some of us have had recovery from injury at some point during our fitness journey. As we age it is critical to be mindful of our breathing, build strong muscles and improve our functional training while listening better to our bodies. Does that mean we stop moving? Absolutely not! We just move more mindfully with our power, determination, and grit. We also want to enjoy our exercise. At Sky we offer premier group fitness programs, exciting classes and high quality personal training that guarantees a motivational, safe, and effective experience.

Top 10 Hot Fitness Trends For 2018 - Sky Fitness Chicago

Here’s a look at the top 10 fitness trends… Guess how many we offer here at Sky?

1) High Intensity Training

HIIT training sessions are usually about 30 minutes or less, requiring short burst of high intensity exercise followed by a slower-paced recovery period. Imagine sprinting as hard as you can for 15-30 seconds and then walk for 45 to 60 seconds. Alternating between the two for a set amount of time. This can come with a higher rate of injury, so please speak with one of our experienced trainers!

Sky Fitness: Cardio Boxing HIIT

2) Group Training

The ACSM defines group training as a workout of five or more people led by an instructor. The possibilities are endless: bootcamps, boxing, cycling are just a few. Group classes encourage, support and increase accountability. Bring a friend along as a workout buddy and have more fun!

Sky Fitness: MOSSA (Nationally choreographed premier fitness group programming) which includes all of the above plus centergy, active, blast, core and more! Also check out our schedule for other classes.

3) Wearable Technology

Activity Trackers, smart watches, and heart rate monitors are as popular as ever—Wearable tech is going beyond the Fitbits and Apple Watches people wear on their wrists, too, the ACSM says. The sleek Motiv Ring was recently released, which tracks activity via your finger. Smart fabric and textiles are also on the rise, says the ACSM—Wearable X just introduced the Nadi X yoga pants, which delivers vibrational feedback to the wearer to encourage good form and alignment. The ACSM also notes that smart glasses are gaining in popularity.

Top 10 Hot Fitness Trends For 2018 - Sky Fitness Chicago

4) BodyWeight Training

While bodyweight training has been around for a long time, it’s been re-popularized by the fitness world over the past several years, says the ACSM. Bodyweight training convenient, requires minimal space and no equipment. A great workout that allows you to just use your bodyweight as your resistance and work multiple muscles at once. There are endless bodyweight exercises which allow you to work out anytime and anywhere if your workweek has you travelling frequently.

Sky Fitness: Multiple floor areas with mats and open studio space for members to use as they please!

5) Strength Training

ASCM emphatically states that strength training is a classic that has made their list every year since they began in 2006. Strength training is an extremely important element of any fitness routine. Strength Training helps prevent the age-related decline of muscle mass, keeps your bones and heart healthy, and helps prevent pain and injury in everyday life.

Sky Fitness: An abundance of free weights, state-of-the art machines and MoveStrong functional training class!

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We are here to provide our members with comprehensive programming, state-of-the art equipment, motivating personal trainers, energetic instructors and a welcoming environment. Take part in the 2018 fitness trends at Sky Fitness today –> view our class schedule!