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Ramp Up Your Resistance with Indoor Cycling

Winter’s short daylight hours and brisk temperatures limit your outdoor cycling season. Cyclists often lose their competitive edge, feel a decrease in serotonin, endurance and strength. That’s where Indoor Cycling comes in…

Good News: At Sky Fitness, we offer you the opportunity to explore indoor cycling with our state of the art Spivi® Cycling Studio which turns traditional indoor cycling sessions into fun and thrilling adventures with every challenging ride. Set goals and get stronger. Train in different parts of the world while you take your favorite cycle class! Celebrate the freedom to pedal through virtual worlds with our 3 class options: Cycle, Group Ride, and Open Cycle.


Spivi® is an innovative, fitness-experience enhancing system that turns the well known indoor cycling sessions into a whole new thrilling, fascinating and motivating experience.

Group Ride

Everybody finishes first in Group Ride! This cycle program is for anyone who can ride a bike. Spin your way to burning calories and strengthening the lower body. Controlled speeds ensure everyone can keep up!

Open Cycle

For the cyclist that wants do their own thing. Cycle Studio opened up. Bring your ear buds with your favorite tunes on your phone or iPod and get riding!

Sky Fitness Chicago - Spivi Spin Indoor Cycling

All athletes benefit from structured training programs. Whether you are an avid cyclist or a casual rider, an indoor cycling classes will yield fast, low-impact cardio fitness results, track your performance, build strength in complementary muscles and improve brain function.

Get an edge on next year’s fitness goals and try Indoor Cycling today!

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