Yoga: Your All-Access Pass to Inner Peace with Sky Fitness

Yoga: Your All-Access Pass to Inner Peace with Sky Fitness


Practicing Yoga allows you the capacity to change your brain. The asanas stretch our bodies, improve physical posture and increase relaxation. Prana, also known as our life force, helps us to regulate our response to stress and emotions. As we work toward balance and experience mindfulness, we positively change our behaviors. While creating a spiritual presence, we go deeper into finding our life purpose, reaching our goals and connecting more meaningfully with others outside of the studio. Sky Fitness’ yoga program graciously offers over 36 opportunities to positively change your body, mind and spirit.

Agni Hot Yoga Studio

Detoxify, sweat and heal in our brand new, state of the art hot yoga studio. The heat ranges from 85-105 degrees with 40% humidity. The heated room encourages stretching, increases flexibility and exhilaration from your cardio workout. Your muscles, glands and organs will love how strong, sleek and sexy they feel after a functional strength vinyasa, slow flow, power hour or one of our sculpting classes. Check out our multiple pricing packages…unlimited hot yoga classes are just a click away.

Agni Yoga - Yoga: Your All-Access Pass to Inner Peace with Sky Fitness

Avani Studio

Classical yoga poses and breathing techniques which will enhance your flexibility, build strength, balance and reduce stress. Special attention paid to alignment to promote healing and build body awareness. Classes are available daily. If your body could use some midday restoration and recharging, join us on Tuesday/Thursdays for a lunchtime class. Your limbs and joints will be smiling as they take on the rest of the day.
Best benefit: Free classes to all Sky Members!

Aerial Yoga

Imagine flying high in a silk hammock…Come explore our aerial yoga class, where the swinging is safe and your confidence will soar. Let your stress and fears fly away as you connect with yourself on a deeper level. Elevate your practice. Challenge yourself. Be playful!

Sky Fitness envisions a more loving and harmonious world. Our yoga community is truly your all-access pass to inner peace in Chicago’s northwest suburbs. Drop in for a class today or sign-up for a FREE 3-Day pass to experience all that Sky Fitness has to offer!

Drop In For A Class

Join us for Avani, Agni or Aerial Yoga (or all three)!

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Avani Yoga - Yoga: Your All-Access Pass to Inner Peace with Sky Fitness
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