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4 Ways You Can Promote Healthy Joints at Sky Fitness

Almost everyone has those pesky aches and pains, some are more persistent than others. And they appear more noticeable as we age. Very often these joints can cause us pain due to: not using the joints often, inflammation, or an injury that never healed properly. Joint pain can get in the way of our quality of life, impacting how we feel on a daily basis or what activities we can participate in. Good news…there are many exercises and lifestyle factors known to ease joint pain. Once you have the OK from your health practitioner, try out the following exercises & lifestyle tips for promoting healthy joints…

Warm Up

According to WebMD, “Warming up with gentle movements helps get your body ready for your workout. Gentle exercises such as side bends, shoulder shrugs, arm circles, overhead stretches, and bending toward your toes are all good warm-up exercises.” We have several yoga classes at Sky that meet this criteria, such as Warm Stretch on Mondays at 8:15am with Vicki or Gentle Yoga on Wednesdays at 11:15am with Ruth Ann.

Aerobic Exercise

Getting active strengthens the muscles that support your joints. Aerobic exercise (cardio) helps your most important muscle: your heart.” Aim to swim, walk or bike at least 30-60 minutes several days/week. If you love the soothing feeling of water, try Warm Water Therapy on Tuesdays at 9:30am with Ellen. If cycling calls to you more, be adventurous in our indoor cycling studio for Group Ride on Fridays at 9:35am with Brenda. Before or after any group fitness class, we recommend walking around the track upstairs.

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An anti-inflammatory diet and proper nutritional supplements are key factors in reducing inflammation. Men’s Fitness says, “Opt for fish, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and legumes.” Changing your diet can be difficult but you are not alone in this process! We have an in-house nutrition consultant Kim who will be happy to schedule a private nutrition session with you to get you in the right direction.

Injury Recovery

If you are currently injured, or still in the healing process, it is important to listen to your body. We recommend following the expertise of a physical therapist. According to Harvard Health, “Practiced regularly, joint pain relief workouts might permit you to postpone – or even avoid – surgery on a problem joint that has been worsening for years by strengthening key supportive muscles and restoring flexibility.” Schedule a private session with our physical therapist Becky so she can assess where your body is at and work with a personal trainer to tailor a program specific to your needs!

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