Yoga Teacher Training Is Transforming Lives...Are You Ready? Sky Fitness Chicago

Yoga Teacher Training Is Transforming Lives…Are You Ready?

Sky Chicago Yoga School proudly graduated 8 students from their fall 2017 Yoga School 200 hour teacher training. The diverse knowledge and expertise of the Sky Yoga School team greatly complemented one another to create a well-rounded curriculum which taught all aspects of yoga. Students experienced Kundalini Yoga, Yoga Tune-Up, Aerial Yoga, Qi-Gong, Partner Yoga, Sound Healing and of course traditional asanas. All students learn differently and had tremendous fun using mudra cards and sound instruments. We want to thank everyone who participated in our Fall 2017 program!

“What an incredible experience to see our students grow and evolve so much from our yoga teacher training and yoga immersion! It is rewarding to hear feedback from our students that the training not only taught them an in-depth understanding of yoga, but developed deeper meaning and purpose to their life. Each student evolved uniquely; resonating to their own truth and individual path. Our yoga teacher training is a true interpersonal transformation that goes beyond the mat as a student and teacher. The team of Sky Yoga School teachers feel humbled to have influenced confidence, strength, and connection within the students, and are proud of the empowerment we all witnessed. We have certainty that the students’ level of education fully equips them to successfully share yoga with others, whether they aspire to teach or desire to enrich their practice.”
– Stacey (Sky Yoga School Director)

Registration is now open for the next Sky Yoga 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training which will run from January 14th, 2018 – May 13th, 2018! While our teachers watched each students transformation as they discovered their own truth and individual path, we wanted to showcase what a few of them had to say:

“Sky Fitness is the perfect location to learn the life of Yoga. The studios are beautiful and the facility is amazing. The trainers are diverse and knowledgeable in many facets of the practice of Yoga. I received a well-rounded education that has made me a better instructor and has taken my own personal practice to a new level.”
– Marisa S.

Yoga Teacher Training Is Transforming Lives...Are You Ready? Sky Fitness Chicago

“Yoga has become a life practice. I found the yogic way of living and felt it in so many aspects of my life-relationships with family, friends, myself and the world! How I perceive things and how I react. This training was a complete physical, mental, and spiritual immersion that helped me grow as a person, deepen my practice, and I’m now confident and excited to be able to share this with others.”
– Christel

“When it comes to yoga teacher training, there are so many options out there but I can say with certainty that Sky Yoga School was absolutely the best choice. Stacey, Lisa, Tabatha and Mary worked with each and every one of us step-by-step to make sure we not only have the tools we need to teach yoga as a physical practice, but as a lifestyle…The confidence that I know have in myself has helped me realize where my true passion and fire lies – in teaching! Investing in this teacher training was the greatest gift I could have given myself. They are paving the way for future yoga teachers, and I am so blessed to have been along for the journey. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!”
– Michele

Congratulations to our 2017 graduates! We want to thank you all for choosing to make Sky Yoga School part of your journey. The excitement is rising and spots are limited! If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact Stacey Adamczyk.

Register online or at the front desk for the next amazing Sky Yoga School 200-HR Yoga Teacher Training and discover your inner truth.

Yoga Teacher Training Is Transforming Lives...Are You Ready? Sky Fitness Chicago
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