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Lets Fight Childhood Obesity Together!

Conquer Childhood Obesity at Sky Fitness

Holiday chocolates, cookies and treats are usually gone after the first week of January. Adults set their fitness goals for the new year and start focusing on their health and wellness. What about our children? In December, Harvard reported that the national childhood obesity problem is set to get much worse. Currently, the obesity rate is 18.5 percent. It’s expected to rise as children get closer to adulthood.

Do we want the future generation becoming the American Obesity Epidemic by age 35? Today many of overweight American children suffer from unhealthy diets, lack of physical activity, Type 2 diabetes, genetic disorders, obstructive sleep apnea and worsen asthma. Sky Fitness focuses firmly on positive ways ways to help children become healthier and happier!

Lets Fight Childhood Obesity Together! Sky Fitness Chicago

Food choices matter. While many parents meal prep for themselves, preparing food for the whole family will replace the “fast food” while teaching children to eat whole foods. Eating a colorful plates of veggies, fruits, lean chicken, and whole grains will provide kids with great nutrients and sustaining energy. Teaching them to eat nuts for snacks or beans as sides at an early age will make these foods seem more natural to them. Here’s a helpful resource for healthy snacks from scratch for kids.  Our certified nutrition consultant, Kim Seiden is available for private coaching to help you and your family reach your goals! 

Fun Physical Activity. Let’s get these kids moving! Fresh air on a sunny winter day while walking in nature is good for their emotional well-being as well as encouraging a good night’s sleep.

  • Indoor swimming lessons are available through the Sky Swim School
  • Give your kids a silly and fun experience with yoga teacher, Nanci Dobkin at OmKidz yoga on Mondays @ 4:15pm (Jan 22-Feb 26th). Kids that focus on strengthening their mind-body-spiritual connection through yoga are proven to be kinder to others, more focused, respectful, confident and are empowered to create more peaceful communities! 
  • Join your little one for Parent-Child Yoga with Masha on January 21st @ 11:00am. Fun partner poses and healthy snacks!
  • Ready for a challenge? Sign up for our kid-friendly indoor triathlon on March 4th!
Omkidz Yoga Jan 2018 - Sky Fitness Chicago
Masha-Parent-Child-Yoga-2018 - Sky Fitness Chicago
Sky Fitness Chicago - Indoor Triathlon

People are living longer. Conscious eating, regular exercise and meditation are just a few important components that help the longevity formula. While we are taking better care of ourselves, why wouldn’t we want to ensure the best health for our kids’ futures as well?  Loving them means teaching them responsible ways to take care of themselves.

The sooner we make changes in our families, the quicker childhood obesity decreases!

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